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Our plan is to follow the Panamericana, pick up hitchhikers and travel as cheaply as possible. We will surf the pacific coast on every wave between Chile and Alaska, learn about Latino culture and through this amazing adventure and go on a voyage of self discovery as we struggle to keep our VW Bus alive.

I borrowed 2 million Chilean Pesos from a Couchsurfer I'd met just 2 days before, Couchsurfed for 4 months straight with his Family, learnt to speak Spanish from scratch and enlisted the generous help of Santiago couchsurfing community to buy and build a Volkswagen Kombi.

My plan.... to offer my mobile couch to anyone adventurous enough to join me on my voyage from Chile to Alaska!

And all this resulted from one visit to a Couchsurfing meeting.....what are you waiting for? Get involved, get inspired!

Join the Mobile Couchsurfing Revolution!!!!!

Find us, Follow us, Join us at
I learnt to film and edit in the Kombi with whatever equipment my couchsurfers brought with them, and this video is brought to you from the road, that is where this is coming to you from right now, somewhere in Colombia.

Music from Reseshon Records under free licence.
Filmed on location in Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia

Watch my other videos for contact details about how to join the adventure....or better yet find me on couchsurfing...

Here is a link to the videos that won the competition:

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